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Math Class Mentoring and Foundation-Building

Grade(s): K-8, 9-12
Areas of focus: organization, basic foundation development, catch up to past materials, study current materials, and prepare for future materials
Service available in: Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland and Newcastle
Dates and Times of Availability: Monday-Friday (after 3:00pm)/ Saturday-Sunday (after 12:00pm)
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Why students may not perform well in a math class
There are many possible reasons why a student may not perform well in a class. However, NorthStar Tutoring Services has narrowed down five main factors that affect students' performance:

  • Lack of day-to-day (present) understanding of materials explained by teacher, perhaps due to the level of difficulty of materials, teacher's inability to communicate clearly, etc.
  • Inability to understand core (previous) materials teacher has gone over
  • Not taking the time to look ahead (future)
  • Poor test preparation skills
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Due to classroom students-teacher ratio, students do not get the personal attention that's needed
  • Any one of the above reasons could contribute to students performing below expectations. Knowing the exact reasons is crucial; NorthStar Tutoring Services can help pinpoint these difficulties and remedy them.

    What's different about our K-8 vs. 9-12 math tutoring program?
    Our K-8 program focuses mainly on foundation development; we ensure that each student has unshakable foundation prior to moving on. The 9-12 tutoring program focuses on patching up any foundation gap, completing current homework/prepare for current exams, and finally if appropriate, move ahead of class materials.

    How do our tutors help?
    We design our tutoring sessions to cover past, present and future material in each session. A typical session lasts 1-1.5 hours, and generally follow a layout/format as seen below:

  • A. Finishing up current homework
  • B. Review previous sections' materials
  • C. Move ahead in the chapter if student has full grasp of the materials or prepare
  • D. For upcoming tests by teaching students how to organize materials for easy studying when the test comes up
  • Do you offer any enrichment program for math?

    Yes. We provide enrichment programs for children who are ahead of their peers in all areas of academic. Our goal is to always maximize an individual's talents and gifts.

    Why do the sessions have this layout/format?
    Most students will wait until the day before the test to study for it. Sometimes this will work, but the majority of the time it will end with undesirable results. We designed a "typical layout/format" as outlined above so that material from the past, present and future will all be covered during each session. This will keep chapter concepts covered fresh in the student's mind once the test date arrives. Our routine will help students avoid the "day before the test cram" and focus on knowing the material progressively as it is presented. Doing so will ensure that performance in the class will improve.

    If students are willing to follow our advice, we can guaranteed an improvement in grades as well as better overall understanding of materials for future use.

    Have more questions? Contact us directly at 206-779-2934 for a consultation or evaluation.

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