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SAT/ACT Preparations

Grade(s): 9-12
Areas of focus: test taking strategies, math terminology, individual topics focus, grammatical errors, reading comprehension, and full mock exams practice
Service available in: Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland and Newcastle
Date and Time of Availability: To Be Determined Based on Availability
Cost/Hourly rates: Please contact us for more information

NorthStar Tutoring Services' SAT program is tailored to each individual taking the course. The program has a scientific approach which focuses on helping students with test familiarity and strategies, filling in any gap in knowledge, fortifying knowledge with post-course work, and learning an effective way to prepare for the exam. This is the most comprehensive and scientific preparation course for the SAT to date. The curriculum is designed for one-on-one mentoring; however, we permit up to a ratio of 3 students to 1 tutor, given the correct circumstances. NorthStar Tutoring Services reserves the right to deny any grouping of students if the company's personnel determined that not all students are at the same level (knowledge and/or maturity) in that certain group. Please read further to learn more about our program.

What is the SAT?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a college entrance exam accepted by all four-year colleges in the United States and internationally.

What is the ACT?

The ACT originally stands for "American College Testing", however in 1996 the acronym was dropped. The ACT exam results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

How are the SAT and ACT prepared differently?

Although the two exams are different, at NorthStar Tutoring Services our approach for the SAT and ACT are very similar. We cover all facets of the test to enhance the student's abilities and scores. Students must be prepared to work with us on strategies, foundation materials covered on the exams, practice mock exams, and test familiarity. This is all part of improving and maximizing each student's abilities.

What are the benefits of having NorthStar's one-on-one SAT/ACT coaching?

Imagine going to a foreign country to study or conduct business where the people speak broken English. We all know how to deal with people, because after all, people are people no matter where in the world they may be. We know they speak English, but it always takes time for us to adjust so we can understand them completely. Finally, the most difficult part of adaptation is understanding the dissimilar culture of the country. Taking the SAT/ACT exam is analogous to this example. Going into the exam, the students are, of course, familiar with the idea of "taking a test," however, understand the "culture" of the exam is another story. Students take exams almost every other week, however, the exams they have completed at schools are not in the same format; the verbiage on these exams is different, the timing is different, and finally, the scoring is completely different. In other words, the "culture" of the exam can be brand new to students. Having NorthStar's scientific SAT/ACT coaching methods help students eliminate haziness and stress, gain core knowledge and confidence, and familiarize themselves with the exam. Once the course is completed, students should be accustomed to all elements on the SAT/ACT exam, and each student should be able to confidently say: it's just another exam and I am prepared.

When is the best time to start preparing for the SAT/ACT?

The best time to prepare for this exam is during the summer of the student's sophomore year in high school. This gives the student enough time to study, pinpoint weaknesses, and learn strategies that are essential for success.

When should students take the SAT/ACT Preparation Course?

Students should start thinking and studying for this test towards the end of their Sophomore year in high school. Students typically take this test during their junior year in high school. Preparation is the key to success; students should NOT wait until the end of their junior year in high school to take this test. It is highly recommended that students sign up for the course 3 months prior to their exams; this way, they can get the full benefit of all the features of the course.

What is a sample SAT course structure at NorthStar Tutoring Services looks like and how does our tutor help?

Please note this is only a sample format. Each student is different in regards to abilities and student habits. The first step is to evaluate this and develop an appropriate study plan. Most of the time, the course is broken down into ten sections (below is an example), with each addressing one of the main reasons as to why students may not perform well on this standardized test. The sections are outlined below:

  • A. Segment I-SAT's Math Terminology: in order to correctly answer the questions, students must know what the question is asking. We have isolated all terminology/vocabulary/keywords that may appear on the SAT/ACT so that student are better-prepared to answer the questions.
  • B. Segment II-Strategies For Math Sections: help students understand the importance of time-keeping, effective ways to answer questions, etc.
  • C. Segment III-Math Topic focus: give students review of each major topics on the math section and provide "most often appeared" problems in each topic
  • D. Segment IV-Math Weakness Focus: after review and work in segment III, we will focus on the areas the student is the weakest in to help boost chances of improving his/her score
  • E. Segment V-Essay Template: Student is taught an "essay template" which has proven to help organize thoughts and teach student how to write an "SAT/ACT essay" within the time frame allowed.
  • F. Segment VI-Reading Comprehension Strategies and Errors most often encountered: Students will be taught critical strategies, and learn to recognize errors that often catch test takers by surprise.
  • G. Segment VII-Grammar review: Review of some of the basic and common elements of English grammar; however, the specific emphasis and focus of this segment is on "most commonly appeared" grammatical concepts specific to the exam.
  • H. Segment VIII-Test Familiarity: Two full timed tests are given for practice, familiarity, and to boost students' confidence
  • I. Segment IX-Goal Sheet Determine the deadline of each "goal" with student and how to accomplish it post course prior to the exam.
  • J. Segment X-Post Course Exams Practice: An additional 4 full mock exams are given to students for practice after the course. The exams will be given progressively with supervision. Each exam must be completed prior to the release of additional materials.

What is the duration of the SAT course?

The course includes a 28-34 hours face-to-face instructions; this typically takes from 2 to 2.5 months in length to complete. The course also includes 15-20 hours of individual post-course (after course is completed) work with minimal supervision. Each student learn materials differently; as such, the variation in face-to-face instruction hours is based highly on the student's ability to understand the materials. During the summer time, the course may progress faster due to student's increase availability (but not a necessity).

What is so different (and great) about our course?

NorthStar Tutoring Services offer the course in a one-on-one setting, where your student is not hesitant to ask questions. This has proven to be one of the most important factors as to why students may learn the materials better and hence, perform better on the test. Another unique aspect about our course is the follow up after the course; we assign post course work to ensure your son/daughter gets enough practice in areas of strategies, basic knowledge, and exam layouts. NorthStar ensures that the course is tailored to each individual, and not the other way around. The course has a scientific design which focuses on strategies, applications, knowledge, and repetition. These four core elements are the key to success. The positive results achieved by our students who have taken our course also speak for themselves. We are happy to provide references detailing our students' success.

When is the course offered?

NorthStar Tutoring Services offers SAT/ACT courses year-round and students can sign up any time during the year provided there's enough time for preparation.

Have more questions regarding the ACT or SAT course? Please call us directly at 206-779-2934 or email!

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