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Director's Message To Parents

Dear Parents,

Grades and standardized test scores alone do not determine how intelligent, or how well a student will fare in a university setting. Unfortunately, these are the best tools colleges (and employers) have to use as standards. Until a better measuring tool is developed, it is very important to gauge and prepare early so you know where they are individually and comparatively.

Each student has unique innate abilities that can be maximized through establishing long-term personal growth habits. What do I mean by that? Long-term personal growth habits refer to techniques that helps a student improve not only for the moment (i.e. getting that "A+" in a certain class), but prepare him for challenges to come. At NorthStar Tutoring Services, my staff and I provide each student with tools so that he can maximize his potential. First and foremost, we emphasize foundation development; without a proper foundation, whether in mathematics, reading or writing, a student will not reach his fullest potential. Along with foundation development, we emphasize repetition, work habits, exploration, and progress to promote long-term achievements. Whether a student needs help catching up or aspires to get ahead, my staff and I provide the personal touch and support necessary for that individual to achieve his goals.

Feel free to call or email me if you have questions for me. My staff and I are here to help.

Warm regards,
Khanh Do
NorthStar Tutoring Services LLC
Providing Tools. Maximizing Potential.

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