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Tutoring Options

NorthStar Tutoring Services strives to provide students with alternative options of working with us. Each student works his best in an environment he is comfortable in. One of the purposes of our initial evaluation is evaluate this need and provide suggestions as to which working option will benefit a student the best. We provide the following options for students:

  • Online 1-on-OneConnect System:
  • Our online system is designed so that it provides the same effectiveness as a face-to-face session. This system will allow students and tutors to simultaneously see (online whiteboard) and hear (Skype) what each party is communicating to another. In other words, the sessions are real-time learning and 1-on-1. 1-on-OneConnect also features 2-way video and audio on an interactive whiteboard. The online sessions also has a "saved" option for all notes from each lesson so that students may re-visit the lesson at a later time.

    The system is easy to set up; if you have a computer, then you can work with 1-On-OneConnect!

  • At home:
  • The tutor will travel to your child's home to provide one-on-one, individualized tutoring service.

  • On-Site:
  • If your school or organization is one of our partners, then we will come to the organization or school to provide tutoring. Your child can have the session with us in an environment they are already very familiar with.

  • Local Library:
  • This is also an option should any of the above options do not work.

    Contact us at 206-779-2934 if you have questions or need more information.

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